HFT EA(High Frequency Trading Expert Advisor For Prop Firms Challenge)


We sell (High Frequency)HFT EA for Prop Firm Challenge on both MT4 and MT5 platforms. Buy Our HFT EA and use it to pass unlimited HFT Challenges on all HFT Prop Firm Accounts. Our HFT  Prop Firm arbitrage EA is the most accurate, widely used and best in the market when it comes to the…


What is HFT EA(High Frequency Expert Advisor)?

HFT EA is an algorithm which uses extremely fast connections to make rapid trades by taking advantage in the difference of time lag  between brokers which is often in fractions of a second.

It is usually characterized by high speed trading, extremely large number of transactions, and extremely very short term investment horizons. This High Frequency Trading Software executes so many trades and analyze many currency pairs in a matter of seconds.

So many Prop firms offers account types whose challenge needs to be passed with the help of an HFT EA. We have the best HFT EA for Prop Firm Trading which we use it to offer services to clients at a very minimal costs.

Prop Firms that Allows HFT EA Challenge

Some Prop Firms have special type of accounts which an HFT EA can be used to passed their challenge. These types of accounts usually have some rules which are not thesame with a normal account type such as lotsize consistency rule, drawdown

Prop Firms Which authorize HFT challenge include the following:

-1. Nova Funding

-2. Next Step Funded

-3. Next Level Funding

-4. Infinity Forex Funds

-5. KortanaFx

-6. Quantec Trading

-7. Pro Trade Funded

-8. Raise My Funds

-9. Be-Funding

-10. The Talented Trader


We are capable of passing the HFT challenge of all the above Prop Firms and more in some few hours or days depending on the rule of the company.

We Pass HFT EA  Challenge For Clients

We are also  passing the hft prop firm challenge for our clients on MT4 within some few hours, and on MT5 within some few days. The HFT challenge requires the trader to employ any High Frequency Trading strategy to pass it such as the use of Arbitrage EA.

After passing the HFT Challenge and you get funded, we also offer account management services and we sell different Robots in our Shop which you can use it to manage the funded account.

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Our CCI Algo and Prop Firm EA are the Best Forex Expert Advisors used in the management of funded accounts.






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