Dow Jones Swinger (Swing Trading Robot)

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The Dow Jones Swinger(Swing Trading Robot) is based on Swing Trading. It uses supports and resistances to open positions. The EA calculates on average how many S/R’s each pair will cross during the trends. Each pair has an independent setting, integrated in the EA code. The EA calculates on average how many S/R’s each pair…


Properties of the Dow Jones Swinger

Our swing trading robot has the following properties:

  1. It trades on 28 pairs simultaneously.
  2. No optimization required (set files are delivered with purchase, EA cannot work properly without the right set files)
  3. As a Swing trading robot(strategy), it uses the support and resistance system to open positions.
  4. The Dow Jones Swinger optimizes profits and limits drawdown with its many indicators and options: trailing Stop Loss, closing by indicator,  by time, by profit, and by opening time.
  5. An innovative news filter with disconnection times before and after the news, but also independent times for the main news like FOMC, ECB, Fed …
  6.  Capital protections is guaranteed; by percentage, and by Currency value.
  7. Risk management is either in terms of; fixed lot-size, risk_percentage, currency value to be used per trade,  or kelly_criterion.
  8. Perfectly compatible with funded account “prop firm” ( FTMO, E8, Audacity…. ) It integrates all the strict rules.
Swing Trading Robot
Performance of our Swing Trading Robot in the long-run

Recommendations of the Swing Trading Robot

– Recommended pairs: 28 forex pairs
– Recommended Timeframe: D1
– Recommended Risk: 1%.
– Brokers: all brokers offering the 28 forex pairs needed for calculations.
– Minimum capital: 1000 USD (in this case a DD of 15/20% is possible, as the account is small)
– Minimum leverage: 1:30 or lower with a specific setting

You can’t do a “real” backtest of this strategy (I’m the only one to do it, because it is necessary to integrate the news and import the real ticks)
– The first reason, MT5 does not give the real ticks, they are simulated (artificial data)
With Cet EA without using the real ticks, you will not have the real results, That’s why I have demo and real accounts, they are available to see the performances.
All Quant Analyzer optimizations are also available here
– The second reason, you can’t use News filters in MT5 (no database for news in MT5)

Swing Trading Robot
the concept of swing trading

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14 reviews for Dow Jones Swinger (Swing Trading Robot)

  1. Frankline Owen

    I bought this EA yesterday (May 02, 2023) and the study that the author made is truly innovative and gigantic. The real neural optical vision on the graph is the best of news. I will update constantly

    No trades since I bought this EA (May 2nd)

    I can’t make a judgment right now

    for the moment only a lot of cinema on the graph

  2. Plura

    This is one of my favorite and the best EA that I had the opportunity to use, this EA required a lot of work from the seller and is worth much more than the current price 🙂 I recommend this seller with a clear conscience, very good contact

  3. Katrina

    Mir gefallen die anpassbaren Handelsoptionen dieses EA wirklich. Es gibt viele Strategien, mit denen Sie Risiko und Handelsstil in Einklang bringen können. Moriss reagiert sehr schnell auf Fragen und ist ein toller Typ, mit dem man umgehen kann. Er stellt außerdem kontinuierlich Funktionsaktualisierungen für das System bereit, was wir sehr zu schätzen wissen.

    Moriss verbessert den EA weiterhin mit neuen Funktionen und reagiert sehr schnell, wenn es kleine Fehlerprobleme oder Funktionswünsche gibt. Bester Support und bestes EA auf dem Markt.

  4. Michael Okonkwo

    After the purchase I tested the EA on a demo account and the results are good. Now EA is working on a live account and it is confirmed that the results are still good, good profit. The author is ready to help, is available and answers questions very quickly.

  5. GOEExpert

    Will run the EA for a month for a complete review

  6. Sergey alex

    Ещё не знаю что покажет бот ,но продавцу огромное спасибо за своевременную отзывчивость и быструю помощь , если бы не это , я бы сегодня потерял бы весь баланс из-за своей маленькой ошибки.Обновлю когда будут результаты по торговле на реальном счету в следующем месяце.Спасибо большое


    В среднем пока 10-15% в неделю , посмотрим сохраниться ли тенденция и дальше.

  7. Tomislav Braz

    After the purchase I tested the EA on a demo account and the results are good. Now EA is working on a live account and it is confirmed that the results are still good, good profit. The author is ready to help, is available and answers questions very quickly.

  8. Miklos

    I’ve been running EA on a live account for 2 weeks, it’s profitable! Based on the tests, I noticed that the percentage of profit and loss is quite dependent on the broker. But even the worst can be said to be very good. Now with the update there are 3 strategies and more risk levels! I highly recommend it! Good luck to the developer!

  9. Kumar

    After using this EA for one week, like many other happy buyers, I am also feeling great confidence in the performance of this EA. The backtesting is great and realistic and so is the live trading. I definitely recommend this EA. Thanks a ton to the Seller of this EA for making such a wonderful product. And also Seller is pretty much helpful and ready to assist you.

    update on 29 May 2023:

    Thanks a ton to the Author for making great improvements.

  10. Sow1971

    Hi! Boss, do you have some files to send me? Good luck

  11. ricotk

    Hello Karl, I just purchased your EA. Could you send me the setting and I need to know (wich is the best setting…)

    OK. Today the first trade was initated, open and closed in profit. Setting Model 2, Stage 3. Perfect.

    I give 5 stars.

  12. rise404

    Running live with two different brokers. There does not seem to be slight variation in performance between each broker. Will update if things change. It is looking good.

  13. Mehdisoleil

    Pour ma part c’est le kiff le plus total avec cet EA. J’ai pris le couplage SWING avec EVOLUTION. Les résultats sont stupéfiants ! Comme le dit son concepteur, il faut viser long terme pour dormir tranquille. MERCI.

  14. gotrever

    I found your EA to be excellent and purchased it.
    All I did was to install it, set Lots to 0.5 and Risk Factor of 1%.

    Is there anything else I should do?
    (Do I need to set it up for all 28 pairs of charts?)

    Also, I didn’t see a link to the URL I should allow listed in the summary section.

    Sorry for the length.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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