Free Forex EA

We Offer Free Forex EAs, testing, demonstration to our clients.

Free demonstration of our Robot.

Free Forex EA:- We are offering to demonstrate the performance or work-ability of our forex robot/ expert advisor to the client before purchase if in case he/she needs it . This service is only for prospects or serious clients who can show us some sort of prove or capabilities of buying the EA after demonstration. We will discuss the duration of the testing with the client onboard. This is as a result to clear the doubts which the client may have.

Free Forex EA: Reasons why Clients/Traders are always skeptical to Purchase Forex Robots

  1. In the first place, Most forex robots are over hyped and do not work as advertised.
  2. Furthermore,  Some Forex traders who cannot make money from actual trading tend to be selling loosing robots by promising unrealistic results or garbage mentorship courses just to survive.
  3. In addition to that, most Forex EA vendors edit the myfxbook results or inject any data in to the strategy tester just to make their client to believe the performance of their EA.
  4. More so, Most Clients/ traders don’t understand why you should be selling a piece of trading software for only some few hundreds of dollars which you can use it to make hundreds or thousands of dollars or millions from trading the actual market itself.
  5. Lastly, the market is big enough to accommodate any strategy. “Instead wasting your time to sell that robot for $50, why not use it to trade on all prop firms that allow the use of EAs” most traders say. This is because they are skeptical of the over-hyped EAs.

Free Forex EA:- Additional Methods of proving performance of our Forex Robots to clients.

  • We Offer Free Demonstration of the Forex Robot to Clients: We are offering a free trial of the robot to the client for a specified period of time. In this case, the client may create a demo account or send us a live account for us to set the EA on. We will set the EA on our VPS and the client can monitor its performance with the login details for the period. Once the Client is satisfied with the performance, he can then release the payment for us to send the Expert Advisor.
  • We May Offer Free Trial Version To the Client: Another Method which we use to make sure the EA works well as advertised is by giving of a free trial version to the client. We may decide to give a free trial version of the EA to the client which will expire after some time. Once the client test the robot and is satisfied with the results, he/she can make payment for us to release the full version of the robot.
  • We Provides Youtube Video On how the Robot trades: We have also provided youtube videos which proves beyond reasonable doubts that the EA works well. The client just needs to watch the videos so as to have an idea on how the Expert advisor functions. For example, the video bellow shows how the heiken ashi-impulse trader works. In this case, we may not need to provide a free trial or demonstrate the functioning of the EA again to the client. It is our responsibility to prove to the trader/client the credibility of our trading systems.
Video demonstration of how the heiken-ashi impulse trader executes orders

Free Forex EA: Conclusion

In Total to sum things up, we are either offering to prove additional methods of testing the credibility of our forex robot to clients because we are very sure of how the EA performs in the market. We are sure of what we are advertising on our website. We have more than 10years experience in the industry.

Contact Us If you need us if you need a free trail or for us to demonstrate our EA for you.


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