Fund Management
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Our Forex Fund Management Scheme is designed for Investors who wants our team of Fund managers to manage their accounts using our Robots(Expert advisor). In this case, the investor will not need to buy the EA. Our Traders will manage their account for them. Our team of experienced Traders will also employ other sophisticated trading strategies based on different Technical and Fundamental  Techniques of trading and sound risk management. We however charge a percentage of the Profit(performance fees) on the clients’ account. We also manage account for clients on funded trading programs and other forex trading investment companies such as my forex funds programs and other prop firms which permits metal trader. We can also help recommend the best prop firms or forex fund account management company for you.

The Fund Management Schedule bellow is a table which shows the different Account Types which we offer. It also shows the Minimum Investment, Profit sharing ratio, Duration, and management fees of each Account Type.

Fund Management Schedule

Minimum Investment$500$2000$10,000$100,000
Profit-Sharing-Ratio(Performance Fees)40:6035:6530:6020:80
Management Fees0000

We shall help you achieve a Long-Term-Growth Trend on your trading account.

Fund Managemnt
Fund management with preset artificial inteligence

The Silver Plan

The Silver Plan is the lowest Fund Management Investment Plan of our Company with a minimum deposit of $500. Profit sharing is 40:60 with 60% being in favor of the investor. There is no investment costs. This means that there is no management and investment fees associated with the capital. Profits are automatically shared after the period of 2weeks. T

The Golden Plan

The Golden Plan is a Moderate Investment Plan of Buy Forex EA Online with a minimum investment of $2000. The investor may decide to invest more depending on his/her conviction. The profit sharing ratio of this plan is 35:65 with 65% in favor of the investor. There are no investment costs. Profits are automatically shared after a period of 2weeks.

The Diamond Plan

The Diamond Investment Plan is the semi-highest fund management plan of our company. The minimum investment for this plan is $10,000. The profit sharing ratio for this plan is 30:60 with 60% in favor of the investor. There are no investment costs of this fund management plan and profits are shared after a period of 2weeks

The Platinum Investment Plan

The Platinum Investment Plan is the highest fund management plan of Buy Forex EA Online. This investment plan is for investors who wants substantial growth and wants to maximize the profits on their investments. Minimum investment stands at $100,000. The profit sharing ratio of this investment plan is the best at 20:80 with 80% in favor of the investor. There is no investment cost and profits are shared after a period of 2weeks.

Fund management
investment strategies and long-term growth path

Contact us now if you need any clarifications on our fund management scheme.

We have the top forex fund managers who are are always at work tirelessly to ensure that our forex money management software performs well on your account. Our forex fund management services are top-notch and we are always here to reply your messages at all time. We also work hand in hand with other forex account management companies.

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